About Sabroso Cafe Bistro (Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop!)


In Tagum City, one of the best places to enjoy food and coffee while playing board games and reading books is at Sabroso Cafe Bistro. Located along Pioneer Avenue going to Capitol Road, our cafe allows  customers sip on a nice cup of coffee or have a sweet slice of blueberry cheesecake while enjoying a good old board game with friends or an all-time favorite novel. We are a place of nostalgia, reminding you of some of the epic board games and great reads your memory dates back to.

The entrance is a single door that is easy to miss because it’s overshadowed by trees and other establishments in the neighborhood. Look for the RePhil gas station, and adjacent to the said station that is a waiting shed. When you spot the shed, you will be faced with a big signage of the cafe bistro, and be welcomed with a colorful, patio-like garden in front of the cafe. Peep into the door and all will be worthwhile.

You’ll see that the cafe is small, homey and cozy. The cafe has one large glass window that brings the natural light in. Warm lights lit the area that adds to the homey factor of the place. The seats are sleek and simple while the rest of the tables are wooden and practical given that the place has a limited space. There are also seats and tables outside the cafe for customers who want to enjoy their coffee and book in a garden-like environment.  Sabroso is the epitome of a friendly neighborhood coffee shop.

Sabroso lets customers sit for an unlimited amount of time, and the quality of the food and drinks are reasonably priced. We have a small selection of rice meals, snacks, desserts, coffee and frappes.  We also serve finger foods  and meal platters that are shareable between two to 4 people at most.

In terms of service, the time gap between placing order and getting the food is probably be around 20 minutes. To most, this is considered too long – but slow service at a board game/library cafe is somewhat acceptable (yeah? :)). After all,  Sabroso Cafe Bistro is trying to emphasize board game fun and reading, not fine dining(wink!).

If you’re ever in Tagum City and looking for a place to relax and feed your hungry tummy with delish food and aromatic coffee,  Sabroso Cafe Bistro is the perfect place for you. You’re always guaranteed to leave the place in a happy mood.


Get more updates  about Sabroso’s latest deals and offers. Like and visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sabrosotagum


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